How It Works

Pottery Painting

We Provide Everything You Need…Easy as 1, 2, 3!


1. Select your pottery.  We have hundreds of items to choose from; plates and platters, banks, boxes, home decor pieces and more.

2. Our studio is filled with painted items to inspire you and our friendly staff is always willing to help with your design.   Hearts Afire offers over 40 colors to choose from, as well as a variety of stamps, stencils and idea books to assist with the creative process.

3.  When your piece is dry, we’ll clear glaze and fire it in our kiln. This process takes 5-7 days.  Items are safe to use with food and beverages.

Our prices include everything; the pottery, paint, studio time, glazing and firing. Pottery prices range from $8 to $90 with the average being around $26.





1. Select your stoneware.  We have several items to choose from; cups, mugs, plates, platters, bakeware, bowls, steins and more.

2. We have multiple samples on display, but part of the fun of stoneware is you never really know how it is going to turn out.  No two pieces are ever the same.   Combining glaze, layering and creating organic pieces is the best part.

3. Stoneware is a high fire clay, which means that you can put it in the microwave, dishwasher and even bake in it.  If baking, it needs to come up to temperature with the oven, you cannot put it in a hot oven.

4. Our stoneware firing schedule is different from our pottery, but we will advise you of your pick up date when you check out.

Come in and we will give you all the instructions and techniques you will need to create a one of a kind piece.




Canvas Painting

1. Choose what you would like to paint from the hundreds of design options we have for children 8+ and adults.  Our canvas sizes are 12×12 and 16×20.

2. Trace the design onto the canvas.

3.  Follow the step by step instructions provided.

The great thing about our canvas painting being “do-it-yourself” is you are not limited to one painting per group.  Everyone could do a different painting if they choose (children’s parties excluded).  We have aprons for your use; however, the paint is acrylic and may not come out of clothing.   Please dress accordingly.   This project can be taken home the same day.




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