Painting With Bubbles

Painting with bubbles is super easy.  Remember how you used to be at the dinner table, drinking your milk with a straw and then you started blowing bubbles in it?   That is exactly how you paint with bubbles.  Bubbles work great on plates and platters and can easily be done on cups, bowls and just about any piece you choose.

 Materials needed:


CLICK HERE  to watch the video on how to PAINT WITH BUBBLES

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User Comments ( 4 )

  • Lisa McKinney

    This looks like a fun technique! I look forward to trying this on my next project at the studio. Thanks for sharing!

    • Admin

      It is SO fun! Can’t wait to see what you create.

      • Mary

        What time is this class?

        • Admin


          Apologies for the delay. Classes are every Thursday at 5:30pm. We will be updated the calendar this week so please check out out classes.

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